Keep Surfing
Filmfest 2009

Ten years ago when I visited Munich and saw the ‘Eisbach’ river-wave for the first time, I knew I had to make this movie. I moved from Cologne to Munich, started surfing on the rivers and also shot my first motion picture footage and stills of the people and the surf. The Eisbach is a fast flowing tributary of the Isar river and runs through the heart of the city right next to the Haus der Kunst, one of Munich’s most prestigious museums, and the English Garden. For the people who surf there it’s like a little Hawaii where they can forget about their problems and escape from their ordinary, everyday lives. The “Eisbach” and riversurfing totally changed my whole life so the film tells that story as well. My motivation for making it was driven by my fascination with surfing as well as my inner need to show people in awe-inspiring and intense moments and to tell true stories. KEEP SURFING is a labor of love. Bjoern Richie Lob

with: Dieter Deventer, Eli Mack, Quirin Rohleder, Walter Strasser, Florian "Air" Kummer, Gerry Schlegel,Tschetan alias Marc Stefan Gassert, Matthias Ramoser

tags: Documentary


Director: Björn Richie Lob