Fly Me To The Moon
Filmfest 2012

German Age Rating

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Before she takes off for her new job in New Zealand, Anna Maillinger just has to make it through her father Karl’s wedding to his Moldavian housekeeper at his mountain cabin in the Bavarian Alps. But then the family company, run by her elder brother, turns out to be on the verge of bankruptcy and Karl decides he doesn't want to get married again after all and wants Anna to be the one to tell his fiancée. And if that weren't enough, Archie, an old family friend, has a heart attack while hunting. When Archie’s annoying son Ben, who always had a crush on Anna turns up, she is determined to leave. But that’s a no-go. It seems Archie had an affair with Anna's mother. Could Anna and Ben be brother and sister?

tags: Feature film

Cast: Friedrich von Thun, Sophie von Kessel, Mišel Matičević, Marc Hosemann, Fabian Hinrichs


Screenplay: Kathrin Richter, Jürgen Schlagenhof

Director of Photography: Klaus Eichhammer

Film Editor: Nicola Undritz

Composer: Martin Probst

Production Designer: Petra Heim

Costume Design: Anke Winckler

Sound: Marc Parisotto

Producer: Ursula Woerner, Andreas Richter, Annie Brunner

Production Company: Roxy Film GmbH

Director: Rainer Kaufmann