Silent Children
Filmfest 2012

German Age Rating

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Where children are sold like cattle, their souls crushed, their bodies defiled – this is where “Silent Children” unfolds. While investigating a Berlin club fronting for a child prostitution ring, two young cops make an explosive discovery: a local judge is one of the patrons, and the State Prosecutor is an old friend of his. One of the children forced to work there is 10-year-old Fee from Romania. As a police sting at the club goes awry Fee manages to escape with the help of the police – but will they be able to protect her from her pursuers? And can anyone trust anyone else in this web of lies and corruption?
sperl productions

tags: Feature film

Cast: Nadja Uhl, Senta Berger, Anatole Taubman, Paraschiva Dragus, Adrian Ernst


Screenplay: Philip Koch

Director of Photography: Morten Søborg

Film Editor: Christel Suckow

Composer: Gerd Baumann

Production Designer: Knut Loewe

Costume Design: Lucie Bates

Sound: Roman Schwartz

Producer: Gabriela Sperl

Co-Producer: Sophie von Uslar

Production Company: Sperl Productions GmbH

Director: Rainer Kaufmann