Ferdinand von Schirach Crime, Episode: Fähner
Filmfest 2012

German Age Rating

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The story of a severely failed marriage in southern Germany. An indulgent physician gets married to a woman that overtaxes him and downright starts to terrorize him over the years. Indignities, hostilities, violence. The physician “escapes” into his garden every day until he cannot take it anymore. He slays his wife with a garden axe. Afterwards, he instantly turns himself in with the words: “I deflated Ingrid.“

tags: TV series

Cast: Josef Bierbichler, Edgar Selge, Annette Paulmann, Fabian Busch, Britta Hammelstein


Screenplay: André Georgi, Original von / by: Ferdinand von Schirach

Director of Photography: Hanno Lentz

Film Editor: Julia Oehring

Composer: Solo Avital

Production Designer: Udo Nowak

Costume Design: Dorothée Kriener

Sound: Rainer Plabst

Producer: Oliver Berben

Co-Producer: Günther van Endert

Production Company: Moovie The Art of Entertainment GmbH

World Sales: ZDF Enterprises

Director: Hannu Salonen