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Filmfest 2012

German Age Rating

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Germany in the early 1960’s during the Cold War. A divided country. Lotte Reinhardt works in a shipyard in East Germany but her dream is to become a cosmonaut. She shares this passion for space travel with her grandfather, Prof. Noswitz, a rocket scientist in the West. So Lotte and he become targets of the Stasi (East German secret police). After the Wall goes up, Lotte joins a resistance group. Following a deadly incident she escapes to the West but her brother is caught in the attempt. A Stasi officer tracks Lotte down and makes her an offer: spy for them on her grandfather and her brother will be released. So Lotte becomes a Stasi spy. But then she discovers a mysterious family secret: the real Lotte Reinhardt died just days after she was born. She confesses her role to the West German authorities and begins working for them as a double agent. But the question remains: just who is Lotte Reinhard?

tags: Feature film

Cast: Anna Maria Mühe, Götz George, Heino Ferch, Andreas Schmidt, Maxim Mehmet


Screenplay: Monika Peetz, Christian Jeltsch

Director of Photography: Peter Przybylski

Film Editor: Dunja Campregher

Composer: Oliver Biehler

Production Designer: Frank Polosek

Costume Design: Elena Wegner

Sound: Jerome Burkhard

Producer: Susanne Freyer

Production Company: ndF: Neue Deutsche Filmgesellschaft mbH

Director: Ute Wieland