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1942. Fritz and Emma hide Albert, a Jew on the run, at their remote farm in the Black forest. Fritz and Emma’s dream of a son and heir casts dark shadows on their marriage. Fritz takes a liking to the young man and proposes that he father a child for him. Albert feels obligated to Fritz and finally agrees. Emma has nothing to say in the matter. Emma discovers her sexuality, Fritz jealousy and Albert animosity. All of them become offenders and all of them become victims.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Brigitte Hobmeier, Hans-Jochen Wagner, Christian Friedel, Max Mauff, Rami Heuberger


Screenplay: Franziska Schlotterer, Gwendolyn Bellmann

Director of Photography: Bernd Fischer

Film Editor: Karl Riedl

Composer: Ari Benjamin Meyers

Production Designer: Wolfgang Arens

Costume Design: Bettina Weiß

Sound: Kai Lüde

Producer: Christian Drewing

Production Company: Eikon Südwest GmbH

Co-Producer: Philipp Homberg

Distributor: Farbfilm Verleih GmbH

Director: Franziska Schlotterer