Filmfest 2012

German Age Rating

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They have no place to live, no job training, no bank account, no security. They are young, they are intelligent, they are hungry: hungry for life, for music, for a future far away from bourgeois conceptions. They have their music, their creativity and each other. As buskers, they travel from city to city seeking their fortunes. Occasionally they get into trouble with the authorities. But they have their friendship and a boundless optimism to be able to shape their lives as they like – with and through their music.

tags: Documentary

With: Elias Gottstein, Carl Luis Zielke


Screenplay: Sobo Swobodnik

Director of Photography: Bernhard Kübel, Lars Lenski

Film Editor: Stefanie Kosik

Composer: Guaia Guaia

Sound: Tobias Hametner

Producer: Jens Scherer

Production Company: Filmbüro una cum

Co-Producer: Sobo Swobodnik

Director: Sobo Swobodnik