Price Of Gold
Filmfest 2012

German Age Rating

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Gold – the most popular investment product in today’s world. The documentary is the first to film illegal gold-diggers in Mongolia carrying out their dangerous work in the Gobi. In amazingly intimate shots, Sven Zellner shows us the men who experience the real PRICE OF GOLD at the other end of the world. An archaic male-dominated society in previously untouched regions of the earth, which is becoming disjointed not least as a result of the triumphant progress of the so-called "free market economy". While the speculative market value of gold in the Western world seems to bear no relation to any tangible yardsticks anymore, the film describes in very direct and stark images what it means to prospect for gold by hand, be it just for a few grams.

tags: Documentary


Screenplay: Sven Zellner

Director of Photography: Sven Zellner

Film Editor: Sven Zellner, Uisenma Borchu

Composer: R. Nyambayar

Sound: Chingun Borchu

Producer: Maximilian Plettau

Production Company: Nominal Film

Co-Producer: Natalie Lambsdorff

Director: Sven Zellner