Everything Will Be Alright
Filmfest 2012

German Age Rating

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"All actors are disabled, especially the good ones" says Niko von Glasow, Germany’s only short-armed director. He assembles a cast of 14 professionals and amateurs, disabled and non-disabled actors to be in a new play. The film documents this grueling, moving and hilarious rehearsal process. The company develops a play from scratch about people with a variety of "special needs" who want to audition for a TV Talent Show. As different as they all are, they have one thing in common: their desire to be accepted. They are sent to a designated 'waiting room', far away from where the auditions are going on. While they wait together, they eye each other up, tear each other apart, help each other, fall for each other. A few non-disabled people join this colorful collection of characters and it soon becomes very clear that, just because they have no visible defects, they are also far from normal.

tags: Documentary

With: Jana Zöll, Nico Randel, Mirco Monshausen, Annika Reinicke, Manon Wetzel


Screenplay: Niko von Glasow

Director of Photography: Sebastian Salanta

Film Editor: Mechthild Barth, Bernhard Reddig

Production Designer: Kai Rudat

Costume Design: Kai Rudat

Sound: Max Walter

Producer: Niko von Glasow

Production Company: Palladio Film GmbH & Co KG

Co-Producer: Sophie Seitz, Claudia Simionescu

Distributor: NFP marketing & distribution GmbH

Director: Niko von Glasow