Shun Li And The Poet
Filmfest 2012

German Age Rating

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As all important encounters between a man and a woman who were meant to meet, the unlikely bond between a young Chinese immigrant, Shun Li, and 'the Poet' Bepi, seems born under the same inexorable star. The mysterious young woman leaves her job in a textile factory near Rome for a small town along the Venetian lagoon where she finds work in a tavern. She is driven by one secret burning desire – to somehow bring her young son, left behind in China, to Italy to join her. The tavern is a man’s world. The Slav fisherman, Bepi, an immigrant who came to the Veneto when just a youth, is a regular there. A tender bond grows between Shun Li and Bepi. For both of them, it is a poetic universe that shatters their solitudes. It is also an odyssey into the deep heart of a lagoon, which can be both the mother and cradle of identities, forever in movement. Yet, such beauty goes beyond convention, transcends age, cultural milieu, society. It breaks the rules . . .

tags: Feature film

Cast: Zhao Tao, Rade Serbedzija, Marco Paolini, Roberto Citran


Screenplay: Andrea Segre, Marco Pettenello

Director of Photography: Luca Bigazzi

Film Editor: Sara Zavarise

Composer: François Couturier

Costume Design: Maria Rita Barbera

Sound: Alessandro Zanon

Producer: Francesco Bonsembiante

Production Company: Jolefilm Srl

Co-Producer: Francesca Feder

World Sales: Adriana Chiesa Enterprises

Director: Andrea Segre