The Last Man On Earth
Filmfest 2012

German Age Rating

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What gifts do alien creatures have that humans don't? They make lifeless surroundings blossom again. They distinguish good from evil. But above all: they bring spiritual liberation. In this Italian science-fiction drama, reminiscent in its dark yet warm mood of modern classic DONNIE DARKO, a spaceship is about to land on Earth. Fear reigns. Only introverted Luca, a waiter in a depressing bingo hall, remains calm in face of the impending invasion. He leads an alien life himself, withdrawn and solitary. Luca grew up without a mother and has contact only with his father, his macho colleagues and two prostitutes. His relationship with the female sex is difficult, but does he know why? Gianni Pacinotti, who caused furore as a comic-strip artist, based his feature debut on a graphic novel by Giacomo Monti. This psychological character study is a subtle mix of cinematographic realism and fantasy.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Gabriele Spinelli, Anna Bellato, Luca Marinelli, Teco Celio, Stefano Scherini


Screenplay: Gianni Pacinotti, Original von / by: Giacomo Monti

Director of Photography: Vladan Radovic

Film Editor: Clelio Benevento

Composer: Valerio Vigliar

Production Designer: Valerio Vigliar

Costume Design: Valentina Taviani

Sound: Alessandro Vannucci

Producer: Domenico Procacci

Production Company: Fandango

World Sales: Fandango Portobello Sales

Director: Gianni Pacinotti