Filmfest 2009

A day in the life of three young people in Santiago de Chile. Max, an aspiring designer, decides to drop out of college and travel through Europe. Clemente lives in the USA and is a motocross champion. He is back for his father's funeral. Debora wants to celebrate her birthday glamorously after a night on the town - a little difficult to pull off. By the end of the day, all three of them realize their lives will never be the same. Production Notes "The film is about the relationships between parents and children, the role of the family in our lives and about the last phase of growing up. We based it on ourselves." Co-director Rodrigo Marin

tags: Feature film

Cast: Emilio Edwards, Begoña Bassauri, Héctor Morales


Director: Rodrigo Marín, Edwin Oyarce, Santiago Correa