Tales From The Golden Age
Filmfest 2009

The final 15 years of the Ceausescu regime were the worst in Romania's history. Nonetheless, the propaganda machine of that time referred without fail to that period as “the golden age”... The film aims to provide an unconventional subjective history of the late Communist times in Romania, told through its urban myths from the perspective of ordinary people. Romanians consider urban legends to be true stories that were passed from mouth to mouth. They were the main topic of gossip and debate in the long cues for food. The project re-creates in a nostalgic and evocative way the times of our youth during the eighties, through music, language, objects and stereotypes of that age. The film offers an overview of the survival of a nation having to face every day the particular logic of a dictatorship – revealing the comic aspects of a dictatorship that was taking itself too seriously. Cristian Mungiu

tags: Feature film

Cast: Diana Cavaliotti, Tania Popa, Liliana Mocanu, Alexandru Potocean, Teo Corban


Director: Cristian Mungiu, Razvan Marculescu