Two Much
Filmfest 2012

German Age Rating

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Art Dodge is a Miami-based con man who tries to trick widows into buying modern artwork. At the funeral of a mob boss, the dead man's son, Gene, reacts angrily to Art's scam, but, before things get nasty, Gene's ex-wife, Betty, helps him escape. Twenty-four hours, after a night of sex, Betty and Art are engaged. Then Art meets Betty's sister, and, suddenly, he's in love. Since Liz can't stand Art, he invents a twin brother, Bart . . . James Berardinelli,

tags: Feature film

Cast: Antonio Banderas, Melanie Griffith, Daryl Hannah, Danny Aiello, Joan Cusack


Screenplay: Fernando Trueba, David Trueba, Original von / by: Donald E. Westlake

Director of Photography: Jose Luis Alcaine

Film Editor: Nena Bernard

Composer: The Two Much Band

Production Designer: Juan Botella

Costume Design: Lala Huete

Sound: Richard Cirincione, Maurice Schell

Producer: Cristina Huete

Co-Producer: Paul Diamond, Fernando Garcillan, Volkert Struycken

Production Company: Fernando Trueba P.C.

Distributor: Park Circus Ltd.

Director: Fernando Trueba