Filmfest 2012

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Without telling his wife Hanna, Jakobs travels 150 kilometers to Berlin, to meet, unannounced, with his three grown up children. Karla, Arnolt and Sonni seem to be leading successful lives in the big city; but, on closer inspection, they are in the middle of various crises, which have a common cause: their lack of independence. Hanna joins them in the evening and Jakob lets them know, that he and Hanna are no longer able to support them financially. After a family quarrel and a painful revelation of lies, every one of them becomes aware of just how little he or she knows about the others. When they meet again the following morning, they realize that they must first emancipate themselves from each other – the children from the parents and the parents from the children.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Uwe Kockisch, Corinna Kirchhoff, Anjorka Strechel, Jakob Diehl, Anne Müller


Screenplay: Leis Bagdach, Constanze Knoche

Director of Photography: Kirsten Weingarten

Film Editor: Kai Minierski

Production Designer: Yukihiro Ikutani

Costume Design: Julia Schiller

Sound: Felix Andriessens

Producer: Silvia Loinjak

Production Company: Silvia Loinjak Filmproduktion UG

Director: Constanze Knoche