My Dog Killer
Filmfest 2013

German Age Rating

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A small village on the Slovak-Moravian border. Strangers are not welcome here. Locals seem to be suspicious even of each other. This is where 18-year-old Marek lives. His guard dog is his only true friend. Neglected by his relatives, he has found an illusory escape in the company of local skinheads. Nazi without a cause, he blindly follows them, and they train him exactly like he trains Killer, his dog. When his mother and young half-brother suddenly appear in his life, Marek faces a terrible dilemma. Either he will violently explode or he will find an inner capacity for the compassion he is so scared of. This subtle, sensitive film is not just about racists and ethnic conflicts in contemporary Europe. First of all, it is about wrong choices that, once made, cannot be altered. It is about chances that appear, only to be missed.
International Film Festival Rotterdam

tags: Feature film

Cast: Adam Mihál, Marián Kuruc, Libor Filo, Irena Bendová


Screenplay: Mira Fornay

Director of Photography: Tomáลก Sysel

Film Editor: Hedvika Hansalová

Production Designer: Adam Pitra

Costume Design: Erika Gadus

Sound: Ján Ravasz

Producer: Juraj Buzalka

Production Company: Mirafox

Co-Producer: Viktor Schwarcz, Mira Fornay

World Sales: m-appeal world sales

Director: Mira Fornay