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Berger transposes the classic tale of Snow White onto 1920s Spain where it pulsates to the rhythm of castanets, the swish of flamenco skirts and bullfighters' capes. This concrete cultural context, unlike its mythical or fantasy counterparts, provokes deeper reflection on the reinforcement of gender stereotypes by fairytales in European culture... The plot incorporates playful references to a number of other Grimm fairytales whilst adapting the story's motifs to add humour and cultural context. The King is a wealthy, widowed bullfighter paralysed after an accident in the ring. The huntsman is the Evil Stepmother's submissive and the dwarfs are travelling bullfighters. Blancanieves herself is braver than her traditional fairytale character, as she momentarily transgresses machista culture by stepping into the bullring.
Jessica Donnithorne,

tags: Feature film

Cast: Maribel Verdú, Daniel Giménez Cacho, Ángela Molina, Macarena García, Inma Cuesta


Screenplay: Pablo Berger

Director of Photography: Kiko de la Rica

Film Editor: Fernando Franco

Composer: Alfonso Vilallonga

Production Designer: Alain Bainée

Costume Design: Paco Delgado

Producer: Ibon Cormenzana

Production Company: Arcadia Motion Picture

World Sales: The Dreamcatchers

Distributor: AV VISIONEN

Director: Pablo Berger