Araf - Somewhere In Between
Filmfest 2013

German Age Rating

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Zehra and Olgun spend most of their young lives working in a truck stop cafe near a lonely highway. Their monotonous shifts are broken only by sparks of naive expectations of a brighter future. The once important industrial area is now a faceless place wasteland. Most residents have left for the big city. Zehra, Olgun and their friends still remain, caught somewhere in between the past and an uncertain future. Zehra dreams that love will take her away from her meaningless job and life at home with her strict old-fashioned mother. She becomes fascinated by an older truck driver, Mahur. As Zehra’s desire for him turns into a tragic first love, her rebellious friend Olgun, stuck at home, becomes more and more frustrated by not being on his own. Zehra and Olgun experience a bittersweet rite of passage but as they say goodbye to their childhood innocence, love and hope will help them to move forward.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Özcan Deniz, Neslihan Atagül, Barış Hacıhan, Ilgaz Kocatürk, Nihal Yalçın


Screenplay: Yeşim Ustaoğlu

Director of Photography: Michael Hammon

Film Editor: Mathilde Muyard,Svetolik Mica Zajc,Naim Kanat

Composer: Marc Marder

Production Designer: Osman Özcan

Costume Design: Ayşe Yildiz

Sound: Bruno Tarrière

Producer: Yeşim Ustaoğlu

Production Company: Ustaoğlu Film

Co-Producer: Catherine Dussart, Michael Weber

World Sales: The Match Factory GmbH

Director: Yeşim Ustaoğlu