The Love Songs Of Tiedan
Filmfest 2013

German Age Rating

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In a tiny village in Shanxi Province, the young boy Tiedan is in love with a beautiful woman named May who lives nearby. The members of her family are performers of a folk-singing style called Er-ren-tai, and they are forced to relocate when their art is banned under the Cultural Revolution. Many years pass and May returns to the village with her three gorgeous daughters in tow. A new story begins to unfold between the now grown-up Tiedan and May's daughters...

"The filmmaker eschews the fresco, remaining faithful to the spirit of the deliberately humble form of Er-ren-tai. He successfully blends sung sequences into Tiedan's love stories and takes an ethnographic look, not without humour, at his home region. The film chronicles the evolution of not only an art form but also a community's way of life."
Festival des 3 Continents

tags: Feature film

Cast: YE Lan, FENG Si, GE Xia


Screenplay: HAO Jie, GE Xia

Director of Photography: DU Pu

Film Editor: BAEK Seung Hoon

Composer: He Xiao

Production Designer: LI Cunwang

Producer: SUN Kui

Production Company: Beijing Yuanqi Cultural Development Co., Ltd

World Sales: Beijing Yuanqi Cultural Development Co., Ltd

Director: HAO Jie