Your Time Is Up
Filmfest 2013

German Age Rating

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Two brothers, whose parents are long dead, live together. The older one, Seok-ho, works at a small water purifier company. Jin-ho, who barely made it through college, is unemployed and lives off Seok-ho. One day, he asks Seok-ho to lend him money for grad school. Although he doesn't trust Jin-ho, Seok-ho lends it to him. By chance, Seok-ho tails Jin-ho to a street full of clubs instead of the library. He sees Jin-ho go into the Angel Bar and becomes suspicious. That night, Seok-ho questions Jin-ho and finds out he has spent the tuition money on something else. Seok-ho demands his money back. A week later, in front of the Angel Bar, Jin-ho sees a young woman walking toward the bar with another man. Seok-ho receives a phone call at work informing him that Jin-ho has died in a fight with a stranger. He is shaken by Jin-ho's sudden death. And the shock leads him to an unpredictable place...

tags: Feature film

Cast: CHOI Won-young, KANG Ho, KIM E-jung, KIM Won-sik, SHIN Hyun-tak


Screenplay: KIM Sung-hyun

Director of Photography: CHO Hyoung-rae

Film Editor: KIM Na-hyun

Production Company: Korean Academy of Film Arts (KAFA)

World Sales: CJ Entertainment

Director: KIM Sung-hyun