Filmfest 2013

German Age Rating

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On São Paulo's legendary Augusta Street, Alex, a journalist seeking answers for his angst, dives into a world of prostitution, transvestites, underground poets and neo-Shamanistic rituals.
Alex' career is on the skids. So is his relationship with his boss who is also his mistress. He's looking for some kind of way out of his dilemma. Fransisco César Filho has brought the cult novel 'The Strategy of Lilith' by Alex Antunes to the big screen.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Mário Bortolotto, Caroline Abras, Henrique Schafer


Screenplay: Hilton Lacerda, José Eduardo Belmonte, Original von / by: Alex Antunes

Director of Photography: Aloysio Raulino

Film Editor: Willem Dias

Production Designer: Cristina Alves, Justine Otondo

Sound: Daniel Turini, Fernando Henna

Producer: Eliane Bandeira

Production Company: Anhangabau

World Sales: Anhangabau

Director: Francisco César Filho