Good Luck, Sweetheart
Filmfest 2013

Dirceu is an aristocratic playboy in the demolition business in Recife, a town in Northeastern Brazil, tearing down old neighborhoods to make place for new office blocks and condos. When he meets the poor but stunningly beautiful music student Maria, his world changes and he falls desperately in love. The relationship falters however and elusive Maria disappears back to her rural roots, which are the same as his. Devastated, Dirceu sets out in search of her, embarking on a journey that will take him through the twilight zone of the hinterland of his youth.

"Sub-tropical homesick blues... part love story, part road movie and part visual poem."
Hollywood Reporter

Cast: Christiana Ubach, Vinicius Zinn, Rogerio Trindade, Marku Ribas, Jack Mugler


Screenplay: Daniel Aragão, Gregorio Graziosi

Director of Photography: Pedro Sotero

Film Editor: Daniel Aragão, Gregorio Graziosi

Composer: Jimi Tenor

Production Designer: Juliano Dornelles

Costume Design: Andrea Monteiro

Sound: Guga S. Rocha, Phelipe Cabeça, Pablo Lopes

Producer: Pedro Severien

Production Company: Orquestra Cinema Estúdios

Co-Producer: Daniel Aragão, João Vieira Jr., Isabela Cribari

Director: Daniel Aragão