The Girl From The South
Filmfest 2013

German Age Rating

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I met Lim Sukyung when she was an ordinary girl, the girl from the south, with whom I could have fallen in love – or perhaps I did fall in love with… – at the age of 24. She could have been like one of my high school classmates. A bright person who laughed and made jokes. Capable in her youth of undertaking the adventure of going around the world to reach a forbidden place... It was after her spectacular gesture of crossing the military border between the two Koreas on foot, before anyone else ever had, that she ended up becoming an epic character... When I went back to Seoul to see her, twenty years later, I met a character who was terribly human, especially after the death of her son in an accident and the need to survive in a society still at war, balancing on a thin grey line that separates the black and white that prevail all around her.
José Luis García

tags: Documentary

With: José Luis García, LIM Sukyung, Alejandro Kim


Screenplay: José Luis García, Jorge Goldenberg

Director of Photography: José Luis García

Film Editor: Alejandra Almirón, Alejandro Penovi, José Luis García

Sound: Martin Grignaschi

Producer: José Luis García

Production Company: Jose Luis Garcia

World Sales: Taskovski Films

Director: José Luis García