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Filmfest 2013

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Drifting from fiction to documentary, the film tells the story of Emilio, a man in his fifties who shows up at the family home after fifteen years of absence. His wife and his 28-year-old son receive him with bitterness and confusion. After a couple of days they decide to kick him out, only to find out that he has left on his own accord. The son ends up tracking down Emilio and spends a couple of days hanging out with him in his apartment.

"I decided to make a film about the process of representation. This opened a world of new possibilities including rehearsals, repetitions and interactions between fictional characters and the actors playing those characters. I continued this search by replacing one of the actors with my uncle half way into the shooting. My uncle enters the film as a documentary subject who has to relate to fictional characters that act as if he was one of them."
Nicolás Pereda

tags: Feature film

Cast: Teresa Sánchez, Gabino Rodríguez, Luisa Pardo, José Rodríguez López, Luis Rodríguez


Screenplay: Nicolás Pereda

Director of Photography: Alejandro Coronado, Pedro Gómez

Film Editor: Nicolás Pereda

Sound: José Manuel Enríquez

Producer: Sandra Gómez

Co-Producer: Maximiliano Cruz

Production Company: Interior13 Cine

World Sales: Interior13 Cine

Director: Nicolás Pereda