Night Across The Street
Filmfest 2013

German Age Rating

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Three intersecting ages of a man who can see the approach of death. Three rival souls. The final testament of Raúl Ruiz. LA NOCHE DE ENFRENTE is his last film. Shot between March and April 2011 in Santiago de Chile, it is a mysterious testament, the true meaning of which was not understood even by those who worked with him on the shoot. Raúl Ruiz conceived this film to be seen only after his death, a death which he knew was not far off. He told those close to him, his friends, that he was inspired by the tales of Hernan de Solar, by the father of one of his oldest friends, or again, to others that it was about his own childhood, or the childhood of one of his friends. All of these false leads had one simple goal: to lead those close to him astray, so as not to worry or sadden them. This film is a summary of his work. A moving and funny film.
Margo Cinema

tags: Feature film

Cast: Sergio Hernández, Christian Vadim, Valentina Vargas, Chamila Rodríguez


Screenplay: Raúl Ruiz, Original von / by: Hernán del Solar

Director of Photography: Inti Briones

Film Editor: Valeria Sarmiento, Raúl Ruiz, Christian Aspee

Composer: Jorge Arriagada

Costume Design: Lola Cabezas

Sound: Roberto Espinoza, Felipe Zabala

Producer: Christian Aspèe

Production Company: Margo Cinéma

Co-Producer: François Margolin

Director: Raúl Ruiz