The Magic Tree
Filmfest 2010

German FSK rating: 0 and up THE MAGIC TREE Once upon a time, there was a magic tree – a huge, old oak-tree. But people not aware of its power cut it down and made hundreds of objects out of its wood. Still, the wood kept its magic power and the objects made strange things start to happen when they got into shops in many different places around the world. A red chair made out of the magic oak ends up in a home. It can walk, fight and fulfill the wishes of everyone who sits on it. An accidentally expressed wish starts a chain reaction of incredible events… A contemporary adventure film, a story full of magic... Lunapark

tags: Feature film

Cast: Agnieszka Gorchowska, Andrzej Chyra, Adam Szczegota, Filip Fabis, Maja Tomawska


Director: Andrzej Maleszka