Magic Feather
Filmfest 2010

German FSK rating: 6 an up Stories of magic & adventure, of friendship and mischief, of courage and a clever ghost. 1. BOMBAY is a thrilling adventure about two street magicians, Raju and Kaju, who stop a gang of terrorists. 2. JADUI PANKH is a magical tale about Ali and his strange peacock feather that can fulfill wishes. 3. BHOOT BANGLA is the story of Radio who spends a dark night in a haunted house to win a bet. 4. NETAJI is the story of Durga and her naari sena (women’s army) and how she manages to fight her evil uncle who wants to sell her off. 5. CRICKET MATCH is about Captain Vijay leading his cricket team to challenge the reigning champions to win the inter basti 20:20 championship trophy. 6. CHOR is the story of a chase between Jholu, a rag picker, and a greedy Vada pao vendor that takes place in amazing Dharavi. 7. DIRECTOR 101 is the story of clever Guru, who decides to make a feature film with his friends for one hundred and one rupees (2 Dollars and 2 cents).

tags: Feature film

Cast: Raju Patil, Taufiq Shaikh, Rajesh Ulgappa, Vignesh, Tejal


Director: Nitin Das