The Sandman – Adventures in Dreamland
Filmfest 2010

German FSK rating: 0 and up There's big trouble in Dreamland. The Sandman’s sand has been stolen! Evil Habumar, who wants to give everybody bad dreams, is to blame. There's no time to lose! Nepomuk, the dream sheep, has been sent to earth to find a brave captain and bring him back to Dreamland. However, instead of a sailor he only brings back little Miko. Nepomuk is at a loss, but the Sandman is an expert at recognizing a big dreamer when he sees one. He chooses shy little Miko to be his assistant, knowing that Miko can become a big hero. Together, they set out to save all the dreams…. Falcom Media

Cast: Bruno Renne, Valeria Eisenbart Voices: Volker Lechtenbrink, Ilja Richter, Marc Wehe

tags: Animation


Director: Jesper Møller, Sinem Sakaoglu