A Brand New Life
Filmfest 2010

German FSK rating: 6 and up A BRAND NEW LIFE Inspired by the time Lecomte spent in a Seoul orphanage run by Catholic nuns, before being adopted by a French family, the film records a formative time in the life of a little girl with insight and austere realism. A brand new pair of shoes shines on the feet of nine-year-old Jinhee. Thrilled with the unexpected gift, she holds her father tightly from the rear seat of his bicycle, not wanting to let go of her cosy, sudden joy. This exceptional day calls for celebration and makes Jinhee feel like singing a song as she toasts her father, sipping soju for the first time in her life. Little does she know that those shiny shoes are destined to walk her into a new life, one she might not want but will have to learn to accept. Sure enough, the next day Jinhee will be taken to an orphanage and unceremoniously abandoned there in the hope somebody will adopt her, leaving her father free to form a new family. Giovanna Fulvi, 2009 Toronto International Film Festival

tags: Feature film

Cast: Sae Ron Kim, Do Yeon Park, Ah-sung Ko, Myeong-shin Park, Man-seok Oh


Director: Ounie Lecomte