Filmfest 2013

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Struggling comedian Trevor Newandyke not only bombs on stage, but he ignites bombs offstage as a pyromaniac frustrated with the barrage of static surrounding him. He's fed up with the threats from the cable company, 7-11 raising the price of Slurpees, and all the jerks who think they can push him around. He turns to the din of his headphones and the crackling glow of fire to ease his mind. After a typical night disappointing the crowd, Trevor finds that one of his jokes comes to life. A fruit salesman posing as the Devil, or vice versa, strikes a bargain with him: a golden apple for a joke. Trevor sees the apple as a magical force. Eating it gives him the power to get angry and fight back. Of course, deals with the Devil never turn out well.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Joshua Burge, Gary Bosek, Teri Nelson, Dan Falicki, Gary Perrine


Screenplay: Joel Potrykus

Director of Photography: Vince Gallo

Film Editor: Tim Saunders

Production Designer: Sarah Keen

Costume Design: Jeff Bauer

Sound: Dennis Reglar

Producer: Joel Potrykus

Production Company: Sob Noisse Movies

Co-Producer: Ashley Young, Mike Saunders, Kevin Clancy

World Sales: Sob Noisse

Director: Joel Potrykus