Nobody Is Lost
Filmfest 2010

A comedy of East-West relations (German, that is). Katja left East Berlin for the Bavarian Alps where she met Max, the cook and son of the owner of the hotel she works at. Since she and Max have decided to tie the knot, Katja invites her mother Rita to come and meet him. It's Rita's first trip to the exotic South. As it turns out, the hotel, despite its culinary delights, is well on its way to bankruptcy... Twenty years after the fall of the wall, the old prejudices resurface. East versus West, country folk against city slickers. Culture clash raises its ugly head in the idyllic setting of the Bavarian heartland where the hills are not alive with the sound of music... Filmfest Katalogredaktion

tags: Feature film

Cast: Sylvester Groth, Carmen-Maja Antoni, Eva Mattes, Gundi Ellert, Helmfried von Lüttichau


Director: Dirk Kummer