Go Silent
Filmfest 2010

Police detectives Anja and Anton are searching for six-year-old Max, who has disappeared. It’s not an easy time for Anja, who has split up with her husband and is now trying to maintain some semblance of a normal life. Anja’s 24/7 job, her pubescent daughter and the difficult relationship with her own mom all take their toll. Recently, single mom can hardly find the time and devotion her three-year-old son needs. One night, Anja and her partner are called to a home where the parents supposedly left their child out in the cold for hours, only to have the boy disappear a few days later. Is it neglect,or abuse? She soon finds she can’t ignore the parallels to her own life. Bavarian Broadcasting

tags: Feature film

Cast: Nina Kunzendorf, Michael Fitz, Michael A. Grimm, Sarah Lavinia Schmidbauer, Maximilian Brückner


Director: Rainer Kaufmann