Mistaken Hapiness
Filmfest 2010

Right after birth two babies are mistakenly swapped in a Freiburg hospital. Nine years later, their parents find out that they have raised the “wrong child”. The Wagners live in the suburbs of Freiburg. Grille is a temporarily employed construction worker, Nicole an unemployed mother of three children. In contrast, the Callenbergs are a well educated upper middle-class couple – Britta is a professional orchestra violinist, Sven a successful lawyer. When the Department of Children and Familes decides that the kids have to be returned to their biological parents, both couples' lives are shattered. They have to work together to solve this unsolvable problem – and the solution is far from what they've ever expected… Production Notes

tags: Feature film

Cast: Ulrike Grote, Udo Wachtveitl, Petra Schmidt-Schaller, Thimo Meitner, Steven Merting


Director: Thomas Freundner