Hugs'n Kisses
Filmfest 2010

Ah, family reunions... Three siblings, Kathrin (37), Nettchen (34) and their brother Laurenz (27), all have one thing in common: a tense relationship with their mother Irma. And she is about to turn 65. But what kind of present do you give someone you’ve been trying to avoid the whole year? A person who has absolutely no interest in her birthday, much less looking back on her life. In order to cheer up a little on her birthday, the three of them decide to take her to their old holiday home on a lake. It was here, they are convinced, that she spent happier days back when their father was still alive. But what was intended as a blissful family get-together soon explodes into a chaotic mixture of suppressed feelings and mutual recrimination. But in the end, this story’s about the opportunities that such an encounter can offer. Production Notes

tags: Feature film

Cast: Hannelore Elsner, Karoline Eichhorn, Axel Schreiber, Julia Brendler, Ricarda Zimmerer


Director: Kai Wessel