Die Welt
Filmfest 2013

German Age Rating

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The feature film debut of Dutch-Tunisian director Alex Pitstra. We follow Abdallah, a young DVD salesman from Tunis, who starts dreaming of a better life in Europe, or DIE WELT, as his father calls the other side of the Mediterranean. The film is based on Pitstra's own observations in Tunisia, the land of his father, which he was unfamiliar with for the first 25 years of his life. With fresh cinematic audacity and convincing performances, including his own father, Pitstra paints an engaging picture of daily life in post-revolutionary Tunisia.

"To me DIE WELT is an exploration of both myself and of the person I could have been if my father had made different choices in life. Abdallah's character is partly based on me. He views his country from a distant perspective, just like I see the country from a Western point of view." Alex Pitstra

tags: Feature film

Cast: Abdelhamid Naouara, Mohsen Ben Hassen, Rahma Ben Hassen, Ilse Heus


Screenplay: Alex Pitstra, Thijs Gloger, Abdallah Rezgui

Director of Photography: Thijs Gloger

Film Editor: Alex Pitstra, Thijs Gloger, René Duursma

Composer: Renger Koning

Production Designer: Moez Kamoun

Sound: Renger Koning

Producer: Alex Pitstra

Co-Producer: Rene Houwen

World Sales: Premium Films

Director: Alex Pitstra