She Deserved It
Filmfest 2010

Susanne’s 16th birthday begins as a happy and harmonious day: The girl lives in a sheltered environment with her loving parents Nora and Hendrik. This provokes the hatred of her classmate Linda, the undisputed leader of the class in-crowd. Linda has been secretly abused by her father for years, but her mother, who has her hands full with Linda's handicapped brother, doesn't believe her. When Susanne, who is secretly in love with a boy in her class, invites him to her party, Linda channels her anger and frustration at Susanne. Linda and her gang lure Susanne to the attic of her parents' house and torture her for no apparent reason. The situation escalates and Susanne dies. Nora can’t rest after her daughter's death - she wants to know why her daughter had to die. She visits Linda in prison and confronts the girl who killed her daughter... Production Notes

tags: Feature film

Cast: Veronica Ferres, Liv Lisa Fries, François Goeske, Martin Feifel, Jule Ronstedt


Director: Thomas Stiller