Sow Number Four: A Crime Story from Lower Bavaria
Filmfest 2010

Niedernussdorf is a small, tranquil village in Lower Bavaria, not far from Straubing, the county seat. There’s never been a murder there, at least not as far as the people of Nussdorf and their police constable Gisela Wegmeyer can remember.But then, the severed finger of a man turns up, bringing Florian Lederer, an ambitious young inspector from police headquarters in Straubing, to the scene. Lederer is able to prove that this finger which had been carried through town by a dachshund was originally bitten off by a pig. He assumes that somewhere in Niedernussdorf an old man has been murdered and fed to the pigs. Lederer is absolutely determined to solve the murder case. Gisela thinks it's an accident at first but then an artificial hip is found in the ashes of a fire set in the forest. There seems to have been a corpse after all and it was obviously burnt and not fed to the pigs. But who does the finger belong to? And is there only one victim in this case? Production Notes

tags: Feature film

Cast: Johanna Bittenbinder, Florian Karlheim, Agathe Taffertshofer, Sigi Zimmerschied, Franjo Marincic


Director: Max Färberböck