Lad: A Yorkshire Story
Filmfest 2013

German Age Rating

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When Tom Proctor's dad dies, his world falls apart; his brother joins the RAF, his mother is faced with eviction, and he faces a criminal prosecution after stealing a tractor to spread manure over the local bank branch. All this changes when Tom is given community service with national park warden Al Thorpe, in this heart-warming tale of two individuals overcoming adversity and in the process forming a unique and inspiring friendship.

"A simple, sweet story that has plenty of heart but rarely relies on sentiment."

tags: Feature film

Cast: Bretten Lord, Alan Gibson, Rob Hayes, Nancy Clarkson


Screenplay: Dan Hartley

Director of Photography: David Mackie

Film Editor: Dan Hartley

Composer: Samuel Sim

Production Designer: Matthew Kerly

Costume Design: Marie Miller

Producer: Dan Hartley

Co-Producer: Richard Shean, Denise Ehren

Production Company: Rogue Runner Films

Director: Dan Hartley