The Murderer's Daughter
Filmfest 2010

All along Hanna Meiwald lived safe in the knowledge that her father had murdered her mother. Hanna’s world begins to totter, however, when her father maintains his innocence in a suicide note. For the first time, Hanna starts to have doubts. What if it really wasn’t him? What if he didn’t kill her mother? Who was it then? Police Inspector Arnsberger, who is investigating the suicide, shares Hanna’s new doubts about her father’s guilt and together they review the old case of her mother’s murder. Hanna now has to grapple with her past and the childhood trauma she ran away from for so long. Production Notes

tags: Feature film

Cast: Sophie von Kessel, Tim Bergmann, Matthias Brandt, Tilo Prückner, Monika Baumgartner


Director: Johannes Fabrick