Death of a Schoolgirl
Filmfest 2010

Axel Berger, a high school teacher in a rural town in eastern Germany, unwisely yields to the temptation of having a sexual adventure with his student Katja Weiss after a barbecue party. The girl is discovered dead the next morning. She is the 2nd young female victim - so the police suspect a serial killer. Florian Auffermann, the girl's boyfriend, apparently had no idea that she was in love with her teacher. Berger admits his infidelity to his wife Susanne, although he denies being responsible for Katja's death. Alex and Susanne have two sons - 19-year-old Benedikt, a high school drop-out and locksmith, and 14-year-old Daniel, who has Down's syndrome. The police begin a mass DNA testing of several thousand men living in the remote area. When Alex refuses to participate, claiming his civil right to do so, he becomes the main suspect of the police inspectors Simone März and Tobias Falk. In addition, the unfaithful husband has to counter the growing suspicions of his hurt wife... Production Notes

tags: Feature film

Cast: Corinna Harfouch, Matthias Brandt, Adrian Topol, Max Dominik, Lavinia Wilson


Director: Mark Schlichter