Filmfest 2010

EMPATHY is a case study of how people perceive their own lives as well as the lives of those they interact with. The film also shows the circle of violence in contemporary society by observing three teenagers who have to deal with their first major problems in life. Melanie seems to be happy with her newborn baby, but the responsibility may be too much for her and her boyfriend. Kevin has already attracted attention to himself as a juvenile offender and now has one last chance. Max, a high school student, who comes from a 'good', well-off family, beats a homeless person to death. All three destinies are influenced by life in the big city. Tellux-Film

tags: Feature film

Cast: Jil Funke, Vincent Krüger, Josef Mattes, Joseph Bundschuh, Horst-Günther Marx


Director: Marc-Andreas Bochert