Suspension Of Disbelief
Filmfest 2013

German Age Rating

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Martin is a talented screenwriter and novelist currently going through a difficult patch in his career. Yet after the death of the mysterious and alluring Angelique and the arrival of her twin sister Therese, Martin's world starts to change. He finds himself torn between the similarities in this mystery to the disappearance of his wife 10 years ago (for which he is still a suspect), his daughter's insecurities around her acting career and the intrigue surrounding Therese's past. In this noir erotic thriller nothing is quite what it seems...

"Martin, the writer is playing games with plot and narrative in much the same
way as Dennis Potter did in THE SINGING DETECTIVE. We move from genre to genre in a subtle way. Erotic thriller – psychological drama – mockumentary and romance."
Mike Figgis

tags: Feature film

Cast: Sebastian Koch, Lotte Verbeek, Emilia Fox, Rebecca Night


Screenplay: Mike Figgis

Director of Photography: Mike Figgis

Film Editor: Mike Figgis

Composer: Mike Figgis

Production Designer: Vito Di Rosa

Costume Design: Sandy Powell, Oliver Garcia

Producer: Vito Di Rosa

Production Company: Sosho

World Sales: ContentFilm plc

Distributor: Tiberius Film GmbH & Co.KG

Director: Mike Figgis