Otto Is A Rhino
Filmfest 2013

German Age Rating

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Recommended for ages 6 and up

Optimistic 10-year-old Topper has a vivid imagination. He misses his dad, who is away sailing the seven seas, so he likes to tell exotic tales of his father's heroic adventures. His classmates, who have never seen his dad, don't believe his stories and call him a liar. Topper soon discovers that a pencil he finds is no ordinary pencil when his drawing of a rhino is suddenly standing in the middle of his apartment – alive and hungry! Life in the sleepy seaside village is about to be shaken up completely.

Animations: Eric C. Schmidt

tags: Animation


Screenplay: Rune Schjøtt, Original von / by: Ole Lund Kierkegaard

Film Editor: Per Risager

Composer: Halfdan E, Søren Siegumfeldt

Sound: Flemming Christensen

Producer: Nina Crone

Co-Producer: Erik Wilstrup

Production Company: Crone Film A|S

World Sales: Sola Media

Director: Kenneth Kainz