Filmfest 2010

Lo Hee-Jin returns home to her mother when her young sister So-Jin has gone missing. So-Jin never fully recovered mentally from the car crash which killed their father, so Hee-Jin is worried sick. Their fanatically Christian mother on the other hand staunchly refuses to do anything but pray to God and hasn't even called the police yet. When Hee-Jin does involve a police detective he treats the situation as a regular runaway-case, and assumes the girl will return home soon by herself. But when people living in the same building start committing suicide, each time leaving notes apologizing to So-Jin, both the detective and Hee-Jin start to investigate the circumstances surrounding the girl's disappearance. www.twitchfilm.net "Drawing equally from traditions of K-horror and police procedural, Possessed is an eminently creepy hybrid, a slow-burn horror film that builds its eeriness through a paced accumulation of unsettling details within its engrossing mystery plot." Cara Cusumano, 2010 Tribeca Film Festival

tags: Feature film

Cast: Sang-mi NAM, Seung-yong RYU, Eun-kyung SHIM, Bo-yeon KIM, Hie-kyung MOON


Director: Yong-Joo LEE