Dampfnudel Blues
Filmfest 2013

German Age Rating

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Based on the bestselling novel by Rita Falk, Franz Eberhofer is a Bavarian outback cop who lives on the family farm with his grandma, who cooks like only a grandma can, his father and his brother's Thai in-laws. The local school principal who initially had simply gone missing is found run over by a train. Most people think it was suicide. Franz thinks it was murder.

"The Franz Eberdorfer stories bear little resemblance to most provincial fare. His caustic but never cynical world view, his pot smoking, Beatles addicted father, his ex-partner who summarily shot a child molester in the balls. His life is much more rock 'n' roll than oom-pah-pah... He inhabits an anarchic world, full of extremely unusual characters."
Screenwriter Christian Zübert

tags: Feature film

Cast: Sebastian Bezzel, Simon Schwarz, Lisa Maria Potthoff, Ilse Neubauer, Eisi Gulp, Robert Palfrader, Sigi Zimmerschied, Stephan Zinner


Screenplay: Christian Zübert, Original von / by: Rita Falk

Director of Photography: Sebastian Edschmid

Film Editor: Stefan Essl, Benjamin Hembus

Composer: Martin Probst

Production Designer: Doerthe Komnick

Costume Design: Walter Schwarzmeier

Sound: Christian Götz

Producer: Kerstin Schmidbauer

Production Company: Constantin Television GmbH

World Sales: Telepool GmbH München

Director: Ed Herzog