Inspector Hattinger
Filmfest 2013

German Age Rating

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A summer day on the lake. Two teenagers find a male corpse on a small pier. It looks like suicide at first but then Inspector Hattinger and his partner are confronted with another corpse, this time a woman. It seems they are dealing with a serial killer and one who wants publicity and enjoys taunting the police. Hattinger discovers that, decades ago, both victims were involved in a medical malpractice incident in which a young girl died but were never charged with any wrongdoing. Hattinger suspects the girl's father, who has been living inconspicuously in his neighborhood for years. His hunch is right but the closer he comes to proving it, the more he unknowingly puts his own daughter in jeopardy – the killer wants payback and has nothing to lose…

tags: Feature film

Cast: Michael Fitz, Edgar Selge, Bettina Mittendorfer, Golo Euler, Gerhard Wittmann


Screenplay: Ariela Bogenberger, in einer Bearbeitung von Hans Steinbichler, Original von / by: Thomas Bogenberger

Director of Photography: Christian Rein

Film Editor: Wolfgang Weigl

Composer: Alex Komlew

Production Designer: Heike Lange

Costume Design: Katharina Ost

Sound: Hans R. Weiss

Producer: Jutta Lieck-Klenke

Production Company: Network Movie Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbH & Co. KG

Co-Producer: Dietrich Kluge

Director: Hans Steinbichler