Border Walk
Filmfest 2013

German Age Rating

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Kerstin Werner and Thomas Weidmann are filled with doubts, indecision, and worries, a situation exacerbated by the fact that they are now in their forties. She is divorced, has a mother with Alzheimer’s, a problematic 16-year-old son, and is about to lose some of her alimony. He was let go from a university position and has been teaching high school for some years now, having drifted away from his partner in Berlin and into a mid-life funk. They come respectively from Cologne and Berlin, and are now both living in Bergenstadt, a fictitious Hessian small town (in every sense). How they find their way to each other is what drives this accessible and satisfying literary adaptation.
Suhrkamp Verlag

tags: Feature film

Cast: Claudia Michelsen, Lars Eidinger, Gertrud Roll, Harald Schrott, Hanns Zischler


Screenplay: Hannah Hollinger, Original von / by: Stephan Thome

Director of Photography: Hans Fromm

Film Editor: David J. Rauschning

Composer: Christian Biegai

Production Designer: K.D. Gruber

Costume Design: Manuela Nierzwicki

Sound: Carsten Arnolds

Producer: Ariane Krampe

Production Company: teamWorx Television & Film GmbH

Director: Brigitte Maria Bertele