Filmfest 2010

Guna is a lowly farmhand leading a hand-to-mouth existence, with an unbridled passion for the tamasha. It drives him to distraction to the chagrin of his helpless wife and nagging father. But beneath Guna’s strapping exterior lurks an artist dying to find expression. So he squanders all the money he can on the folk art that’s unknowingly sucking him into its surreal world. It’s the practical threat of losing his livelihood (due to the advent of modern technology in the village) that forces him to make a decision, to form his own troupe and write his own songs. This in itself is cause enough to alienate him from his family and community. Worse, he reluctantly thwarts his dream of playing "king" on stage, to don the mask of an effeminate man with the generic name "nachya", the comic element that was once an integral part of any tamasha group. Gone is the muscled body and twirled moustache, their place taken by bright lipstick, shapely eyebrows and a distinctly feminine poise... Deepa Deosthalee,

tags: Feature film

Cast: Atul Kulkarni, Vibhavari Deshpande, Sanalee Kulkarni, Kishore Kadam, Priya Berde


Director: Ravi Jadhav