Expedition To The End Of The World
Filmfest 2013

German Age Rating

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"A film about the origins of the world, the end of human civilization, and life on earth once we are gone. A road movie into unknown regions of the globe and mind – on an Arctic schooner heavily armed with art and science bound for the most spectacular nature in Northeast Greenland. Man-made speed and efficiency confront the power of ice, but no matter how far we travel and how hard we try to find answers, the ultimate confrontation is with ourselves and our transience as a species."
Danish Film Institute

"We are petty bourgeois anarchists. We don't follow orders. Give me the gun!"
"There are many examples of people going into a state of psychosis when confronted with such beauty."
"Well, okay, it heats up, so what."
Quotes from the crew

tags: Documentary

With: Tal R, Daniel Richter, Minik Rosing, Jonas Bergsøe, Jens Fog Jensen


Director of Photography: Martin Munck, Torben Forsberg, Valdemar Leisner, Adam Philp

Film Editor: Per Sandholt, Rebekka Lønqvist

Composer: Mads Heltberg

Sound: Per Nyström

Producer: Michael Haslund Christensen

Production Company: Haslund Film ApS

World Sales: Haslund Film ApS

Director: Daniel Dencik