Filmfest 2010

The partition of the country is drawing close. Noor is a young woman grieving the death of her daughter. She exists in a dreamlike state, unable to come to terms with reality. Their servant boy, also a Muslim, is not even considering the option of going. He actually voices a lot of opinions that Noor ascribes to. A Sikh man and his young son are new arrivals in their neighborhood. The man, who has migrated from what is to become Pakistan, has lost his wife in one of the massacres. Noor takes a liking for the young boy but her attempts at befriending him are blatantly thwarted by the father. Will humanity prevail in times of collective madness?

tags: Short film

Cast: Rasika Dugal, Jaideep Alhavat, Pushpendra Singh, Madan Deodhar, Priyal Patki


Director: Dipti Gogna